About Simca

We are a company committed to the growth and development of the Mexican industry, for this reason we strive daily to offer products and services of the highest quality nationwide with cutting-edge technology, focused on satisfying the needs of our customers in the instrumentation, metrology and calibration area, also providing the advice and support that your company needs.

We are leaders in Mexico, in the area of ​​instrumentation, metrology and calibration, since we have more than 36 years of experience in the national market, where, thanks to the quality and added value of our products, in addition to the support that we It gives the exclusivity of the 16 brands that we represent at the national level, it has made us consolidate ourselves as the best option in calibration services.

Our staff is highly trained and committed to their work and with each of our clients.

We have the approval of the General Directorate of Standards (DGN) for the services of our Unit for the Inspection of its Service stations in inspection and review of its measuring instruments for the dispatch of gasoline and other liquid fuels, the inspection service We carry out according to our inspection procedure, based on the NOM-005-SCFI-2017 standard and with approval by the general direction of standards and we have accreditation before ema under the UVIM-045 accreditation.

Thus we also have 12 accredited calibration laboratories, of which one is in the area of ​​special measurements for the validation or metrological qualification of media and one more in the testing area.

Under the magnitudes:

Pressure- Accreditation P-40 Temperature- Accreditation T-29 Mass- Accreditation M-91 Humidity- Accreditation H-06 Flow- Accreditation FL-10 Density - Accreditation DEN -03 Volume - Accreditation V-22 Electrical - Accreditation E-128 Gases - Accreditation- AE- 13 Special Measurements - Accreditation- ME- 11 Birth - Accreditation - PT-40 Metal-mechanics - Accreditation- MM-0968-153 / 18

Facts about Simca
  • Focus : Laboratory
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

Product portfolio of Simca

Here you will find Laboratorio de Calibración y Pruebas Simca S. de R.L. de C.V.