About NuclearLab

A young Company, with all the experience to offer you the best service and the widest variety of products, with the quality and price nowadays needed .

The main nuclear instrumentation suppliers, in the look out for a new way of doing business through representatives, asked to three young professionals with huge experience in the area, to answer their requirement. This is how NuclearLab appeared in the argentine market by March 1996.

Up to now, with ten years of history, Nuclearlab has provided to the ARN (National Regulatory Authority) the first ULB Ge detector/shielding with 100% efficiency, remote preamplifier and radon free measurement chamber in our country.

Nuclearlab also provided the first Actinide Large Area Detector assembly for their WBC system. Nuclearlab has also provided the first complete WBC system to NASA (the Company which owns the two NPP), currently installed at Embalse NPP. Moreover, NASA honors Nuclearlab with permanent maintenance contracts for both NPP, Atucha I and Embalse, supporting all the related instrumentation.

In addition to that, Nuclearlab has designed, manufactured and installed the first Stack Monitor completely developed in our country for the Embalse NPP. The system features three independent channels, providing spectroscopy, high-level alarms, long-term data statistics and reporting capabilities.

The CNEA (National Atomic Energy Committee) has acquired from Nuclearlab the first Integral System for Nuclear Waste Characterization, capable of handling 200 liters drums. The system performs full spectroscopic analysis and reporting, based on the Canberra's Genie software family. This all-automatic system is presently installed at Ezeiza Nuclear Centre.

All these, together with a lot of other minor but important businesses, are the best prize that encourages us to continue on the same principles our daily job is based on.

Facts about NuclearLab
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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