Founded in 1973 the company Inrag AG grows steadily in its fields of functions and currently counts almost 30 employees. Besides pipeline construction, measurement and control technology, supervision of fuel depots and automation solutions, the company identifies especially with its newest innovations of both product series- I-Graph X and Kyburz.

The small and portable gas chromatograph I-Graph X combines injector, detector, column as well as necessary electronics in one self-contained micro technology unit. User-friendly software and autonomous operation enable I-Graph X to be a revolutionary innovation.

Manufactured by Inrag AG itself the Kyburz insulating screws are availbale in a wide variety to prevent your applications against corrosion best possible. We take individual compositions for granted. Visit us online and feel free to contact us - you will be well advised for sure.

Facts about INRAG
  • Founding: 1973
  • Focus : Service
  • Employees: 11-50

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