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The common denominator of the food, animal feed, veterinary, pharmaceutical and chemical industries is that they all need raw material for further processing. Meeting the demands of these industries is the aim of Indukern Chemie AG. The Indukern Group was first founded in 1962 in Barcelona, Spain. Today, the Indukern Group consists of 20-plus independent loosely associated companies.

In 1985, our Managing Director Peter Bienz founded Indukern Chemie AG near Zurich, Switzerland. He has taken over the responsibility for all international business of the Indukern Group. One of the main advantages of our group is the joint purchasing of all products in order to obtain better prices for higher volume. One of our latest acquisitions is Kern Pharma, a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, in Barcelona, Spain. Since May 1, 1999, this company has produced several pharmaceuticals that are also distributed by Indukern. 70% of the raw materials are purchased in China, 20% in India and the remaining 10% in Europe. Exclusive distribution rights have been established with some producers, giving Indukern an edge over the competition. Nevertheless, competition on the market is tough, as there is an oversupply due to decreasing demand of certain products. In China, producers have cut prices drastically in an effort to stay ahead of the market.

To guarantee the quality of the supplied raw materials, intermediates, additives, preservatives and other products, Indukern has signed contracts with chemists and laboratories that test products and pass on recommendations of improvement to the producer, accordingly.

The materials and products are then shipped in bulk to Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg has the largest warehouses and storage space in the chemical industry in Europe. That is why Indukern's warehouse is also located there. Six fulltime employees work in a space of 3'000 m2, maintaining correct chemical storage and inventory control. More than 250 different bulk products, including generic pharmaceuticals, weighing 1'000 to 1'500 tons, with a value of about USD 10 million are stored in Hamburg.

This enables prompt dispatching to customers in over 40 countries. Quality control during storage is performed by a local laboratory.

High visibility in the market is ensured by the sales representatives in various countries who are in constant touch with the customers. Including the sales representatives offices, 50 to 60 employees work in the sales force of Indukern. Around 95% of sales comes from export to mainly West and East European countries. The number of customers of medium-sized companies is steadily increasing. Of course large corporations such as Nestlé and Novartis are also customers of Indukern, but its sales staff primarily concentrates its effort on convincing smaller sized companies to buy Indukern products. To guarantee the continuous prosperity of our company, all employees are encouraged to think and act in view of constant customer satisfaction. This means to excel, not just perform. That is to keep up good business relationships with existing customers by ensuring on-time delivery and the prompt processing of orders and inquiries. We hope you enjoy browsing your way through our various pages, to learn more about us, our products and our services.

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