About ASAL Technologies

ASAL is a software R&D and Professional Services company. The superb quality of our engineering is what we stake our reputation on. We have won awards and international accolades from the global SW R&D leaders such as Intel and Microsoft.

Our goal is to meet our customers'​ expectations with regard to quality, delivery timelines and budget. ASAL rigorously aligns its SW R&D process to become an integral part of customers'​ product development. This ensures the success of the product evolution, in the both short- and long-term.

In addition to software R&D services, we also provide our customers with services such as: • Adaptation of customers'​ products for local Arabic speaking regions, • Integration of software with customer's solutions – CRM, ERP, etc. • Development of tools to solve and monitor operators' network issues, • 24/7 technical support in Arabic of customers' products, • Professional training services in the Middle East and beyond.

Here at Asal we consistently meet and beat the expectations set for us by our clients. We would love for you to discover why.

Facts about ASAL Technologies
  • Focus : Service
  • Industry : IT

Product portfolio of ASAL Technologies

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