Sapio has been operating as a market leader on the Italian market in the industrial and medical gases sector for 90 years: in fact, it was founded in 1922. Today, the enterprise is an industrial group (member of Assogastecnici, the Federchimica [Chemical Federation] association for the industrial and medical gases sector) able to completely satisfy the market's requirements and necessities and with the potential for developing new technologies and new services personalised for the single entrepreneurial concerns. Active participation in the economic life of the country and commitment to the furtherance of development, have made it possible to implement new production units, conditioning stations and commercial branches, guaranteeing a capillary presence over the whole national territory. In tune with the development of productive capabilities, the range of products and services was extended, combining with the supply of medical and industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, argon, helium, mixtures and hyper-pure gases, medical gases and mixtures), the supply of high technology systems for cutting and welding, for refrigerating gases, plants for the On-Site production of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen; the designing and implementation of pipeline systems for the application and distribution of gases; hospital and home services for the public and private health sector and, finally the development of innovative applications in the energy sector.

Facts about SAPIO
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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