EFFEGIGI is born in 1925 on initiative of a tireless Turin citizen. Since the beginning EFFEGIGI produces and resell glues used and appreciated in both the industrial and artisan worlds, bookbinding and paper converting segments in italy and foreigns countries.

In the spring of 1938 EFFEGIGI creates the top product of its production, an adhesive for book binding named FGG 98, for which is released the industrial patent #361110

Towards the mid '70, with the increasing market of carbonless papers, EFFEGIGI creates the fan-apart glues family FGG 86.

The actual company asset, now with an larger range of products, is willing to carry on with the traditional production-reselling- distribution of glues meant to fulfill the varied needs of the customers, assuring quality supplies and on-time deliveries, as the policy of EFFEGIGI demands.

Facts about EFFEGIGI
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of EFFEGIGI

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