Netel India Limited


NETEL (INDIA) Limited, a part of Neterwala Group of Companies is one of the leading organizations in India in the field of Analytical Instruments, Environmental Instruments, Automotive Emission Analyzers, Environment Management Services. With the help of In-House Research, Coupled with the judicious use of acquired technology, Netel has introduced a broad range of Niche products and services for wide spectrum of industries. Today NETEL has two S.B.U.'s: SBU - I: INSTRUMENTATION


Netel provides customized solutions in the field of Environmental and Analytical Instrumentation to meet specific applications in the following areas:

a) ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS:  Gas Chromatographs with Head Space Samplers.  High Performance Liquid Chromatograph.  Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

b) AUTOMOTIVE EMISSION ANALYZERS:  Gas Analyzer & Smoke Meters for Vehicular Emissions (CO, HC, O2, CO2, NOx& Opacity).

c) ENVIRONMENTAL INSTRUMENTS:  High Volume Sampler, Respirable Dust Sampler & Stack Monitoring Kit.  Online Ambient Air Quality Analyzers & Systems (SO2, NO, NO2, NOx, CO,O3, NH3) and Continuous Emission Analyzers and Systems (SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2).


Netel offers a comprehensive approach to detect & monitor the release of pollutants in Air, Water and Soil environment. The following routine, specific and annual monitoring Services are offered through nationwide network:

1. Environmental Monitoring.  Stack / Ambient Air Quality Monitoring.  Water / Wastewater / Solid / Hazardous Waste Analysis.  Performance Guarantee Test for ESP's and Bag Filters etc.  Workplace Monitoring & Noise Monitoring.

2. Environmental Impact Assessment & Audit.  EIA for the project sites involving Air, Water, Land and Biological Evaluation.  Baseline Data Collection for EIA, Environmental Statement / Audit.