About Aromitalia

The history of Gei-Aromitalia goes back to the beginning of last century, when under the name of Nectar Sas the company produced flavours and essences for the food industry, particularly for sweets, liquors and carbonated waters. In 1942 the company management was taken over by Guglielmo Ferrero, who started a dynasty that is currently continued by his son Cristiano, Managing Director of the company, and by his grandson Filippo, who is now Production Manager. In 1958 Nectar took over Aromitalia srl, a company specialising in the production of ingredients for gelati and confectionary, which then merged to create a single company, Gei Spa, in 1972. The generation game was played in 1974, when Cristiano Ferrero took over as Managing Director. During this company development, the reference goal posts were moved beyond the national borders, and after the initial establishment of a factory in South America various sales formulas were set up in all other continents.

Facts about Aromitalia
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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