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ItN - Your Competent Partner for Water Filtration

Our world is constantly struggling with a water need far above supply. In spite of all efforts to date, close to 900 million people still have no access to appropriately treated potable water. This lack of suitable sewage treatment causes serious health issues and environmental problems in many regions of the world.

ItN Nanovation AG contributes to solving the global water problem, applying smart, highly efficient water and sewage treatment solutions. Using state-of-the art nano-technology know-how, ItN's CFM Systems® (Ceramic Flat Membranes) micro filtration technology provides unprecedented technical and economical ground water treatment solutions for drinking water applications and complete sewage treatment plants. For each application and process, ItN has developed specific nano-coated filter layers for a targeted filtration process adjusted to the customer's requirements.

Facts about ItN
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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