About IPAC

Ipac develops solutions for the monitoring and optimisation of industrial manufactoring processes. In field of industrial colour measurement we dispose with ACMS (Advanced Colour Measurement System) of an unique hyperspectral colour scanner for the execution of spatially-resolved colour measurements. The system enables it for the first time to perform objective evaluations of multicoloured and patterned surfaces with the sensitivity of a healthy human eye. Therefore it can be used in every application, where the optical colour impression is an important quality criteria. Today the system is used in the wood-based-panel industry with special focus on decorative coating of furniture, laminate flooring and doors. In the Continental European area we are exklusive distributors of products from Avian technologies, an american company specialising in the production of reference standards for optical spectroscopy and special coatings for optical instruments.

Facts about IPAC
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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