Mabo srl was a Company active since 1961 in the production of machines for the processing industry.

Starting from the special machines required at that time by the growing Fine Chemicals Italian Producers, including pressure vessels and artificial and synthetic fibres spinning machines, the range of production developed into several lines of processing machines, mainly Thin Film Evaporators, Wiped Film Evaporators and Short Path Evaporators.

The first thin film evaporator, produced in 1965, evolved in a complete series of models from 0.15 to 40 m2 of heat transfer area, while the first colloid mills, produced in 1966, were sided by three more lines with installed power from 0.55 to 90 kW as standard.

Since August 2002, MABO srl joined the 3V Group, becoming 3V MABO SPA and being owned by the Mechanical Holding of 3V Group, 3V TECH.

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