Erkomat is a machine builder and automation company specialized in supplying packaging machines.

We supply filling systems for packing of powder and granule materials to pre fabricated small sacks (5 - 10 KG) and big bags (500 - 1500 KG).

The company is an expert in design and manufacture of highly automated big bag (FIBC) and valve bag filling systems.

The first sack filling machine was delivered in 1979. Since that Erkomat has delivered a number of filling lines mainly to European markets but also to Asian countries and to Australia and USA.

Our knowhow also covers supplying FFS packing machines, open-mouth sacks filling machines, palletisers, robot palletisers, wrapping and hooding machines and other sack filling related equipments.

Facts about ERKOMAT
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of ERKOMAT

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