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C.I. Analytics, with production facilities in Chambly, Quebec, Canada is one of the worldís leading manufacturers of instrumentation for the measurement of low levels of sulfur and arsine in gas, liquefied petroleum gases, and liquids.

C.I. designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes the worldís most sensitive and selective scientific instruments of this type for the natural gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food/beverage industries. Some of C.I.'s analyzers are used in environmental monitoring. These instruments are used to:

* Improve production efficiency. * Meet regulatory requirements. * Enhance safety in the process industries. Company products incorporate advanced technologies to provide real-time analysis, data collection, and control functions. * Monitor air and water quality with NOx analyzers, detection of sulfur in gasoline, diesel and air. Now gaining popularity is the use of our Toxic Gas Detectors to detect. * Toxic Gases in public areas like underground railway stations and airports. * Quality control in the beverage industry.

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