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Chromatography Solutions


SIM offers you the best specialist counselling and unique solutions that go far beyond what is available on the market elsewhere. The "Scientific Instruments Manufacturer" SIM is the specialist for custom-made chromatography systems.

SIM serves the high-end range of gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and process analytics. We are a one-stop shop, offering everything from concept to assembling the system solution to initialising operation and maintenance. This saves you having to deal and coordinate with several suppliers.

You need to solve a problem related to analytical gas/liquid chromatography or mass spectrometry? At SIM, experienced scientists and engineers with a background in chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are there to support you. We listen to your needs and discuss the possible options with you, taking into account the given circumstances. Resulting from this, you will receive a custom solution. We are a Channel Partner and frequently use Agilent systems, which we can tune to match your requirements perfectly.

Our specialists in our well-equipped development department constantly work on concepts for innovative systems and accessories related to chromatography and mass spectrometry that open up new possibilities for your analytical work. Every system we tailor to your needs is assembled and configured in our state-of-the-art production facility and tested under real conditions in the attached application laboratory. You will receive from us a system that is matched perfectly to your requirements and with which you can start to operate immediately after installation in your laboratory.

What we need is for you to describe your gas/liquid chromatography or mass spectrometry related analytical challenge. We will listen to you and subsequently find a solution for you – like we have done for many customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental and petrochemical industries as well as universities in the past.

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