21-Jan-2022 - SIM Scientific Instruments Manufacturer GmbH

SIM contributes to the stability of bioprocesses

SIM has made a valuable contribution on the way to more stabilized bioprocesses. In the process, SIM has developed methods in which samples can be taken at different time points in the cultivation process and thereafter analyzed.

By taking samples during cultivation, the course of both reactants (e.g. amino acids) and products (e.g. insulin) can be determined during the bioprocess. The process runs automatically, as does the transfer of data to the process control system.

After almost 3 years of intensive collaboration between industry, SMEs and research, the 2nd project phase of Knowledge-Based Process Intelligence - WiPro is now coming to an end.

The goal of the research alliance was to build knowledge-based process intelligence in order to contribute to more stabilized processes in bioproduction and to advance the biologization of various processes. Through newly developed sensors and agreement on OPC UA as a standard interface for uniform data exchange, the interdisciplinary team was able to demonstrate that bioprocesses can be controlled and that real-time control in the pharmaceutical and biological fields, cell cultivation and food production is fundamentally possible online.

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