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Innovative vacuum technology down to 10-3 mbar

Oil-free, chemically resistant, durable

Discovering oil-free and sustainable vacuum pumps ✓ Measuring and controlling vacuum cleverly ✓ Aspirating liquids safely ✓...

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KNF FP 7 / KNF FP 25 / NMP 820 by KNF Neuberger

Smooth Flow Liquid Pumps and High Performance Micro Gas Pumps from KNF

For smooth, low-pulsation flow, low noise and low vibration operation

Liquid pumps with a build-in dampener to provide smooth, low-pulsation flow ✓ Impressive performance-to-size ratio of the micro diaphragm gas pump NMP 820 ✓ Suitable for a variety of applications in instrumental analysis ✓...

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Pumping Units for Chemical Processes and Precise Vacuum

Speed Controlled Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps + Interactive Vacuum Controller with Flexible User Management

Extremely Durable ✓ Efficient and Whisper Quiet ✓ Intuitive Control and Flexible User Management ✓...

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