Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


The Mitsubishi Chemical Group offers a wide variety of products in three major business domains -- performance products, health care, and chemicals -- based on a broad range of technologies beginning with “chemistry.” We believe “sustainability,” “health,”, and “comfort” are key words in 21st century society. We must amalgamate our lineup of products and technologies into power of “chemistry” that can help reduce CO2, for example, and greatly contribute to solving the problems that face our global society. Through dialogues with our customers and other stakeholders, we strive to continually provide innovative products and services.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, which consists of three core business companies: Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation; Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.; and Tanabe Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation; including their Group companies has established a new three-year mid-term management plan, “APTSIS* 10,” which will be in effect from fiscal 2008 through 2010, aiming at “growing, innovating, and leaping ahead” for the next three years. In accordance with this management plan, our Group will move ahead on measures to promote sustainable growth, such as shift to high-performance products and high value-added businesses, and efficient product and business lifecycle management; nurturing seven next-generation growth businesses; and strategic investments in alliances and M&A, striving for active business expansion.

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