TECNARO is an innovative company that develops, produces and markets bioplastics and biocomposites on the basis of renewable raw materials itself and markets them worldwide through the sales network of ALBIS PLASTICS GmbH. TECNARO GmbH is one of the technology leaders with its thermoplastic biomaterials ARBOFORM®, ARBOBLEND® and ARBOFILL®. In the three biomaterial families, customer-specific solutions for industrial serial production have been successfully implemented for years. The TECNARO materials are used by customers from the automotive, solar, construction, packaging, writing instruments, furniture, toys, household appliances and musical instruments to the fashion industry. The processing is carried out, For example by injection molding, extrusion, calendering, pressing, thermoforming and blow molding. Processors are thus molded, plate and semi-finished products from the woodworking and plastics processing industries. TECNARO has already received several awards for sustainability, innovation and future technologies.

Facts about TECNARO
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

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