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Partner in the field of innovative measurement technology For nearly 100 years the name UNION Instruments stands for high-performance measurement technology, outstanding accuracy of measurement, quality and maximum security.

UNION Instruments GmbH is a Germany based manufacturer of devices and systems in gas measurement technology with a global approach, e.g. - Calorimetry measuring-devices determine the calorific characteristics of combustion gases like heating and calorific value, Wobbe index, air requirement in sewage plants or in glass and ceramic industry - INCA multi-gas-analyzer-devices serve for continuous determination of components in natural and bio-gases - ESS-devices serves for measurement of gas and water pressure in supply networks - Service, Engineering and customized solutions

The company headquarters are in Karlsruhe and Lübeck. In both locations, departments for development and production are active; the focus in Karlsruhe is on devices for calorimetry, in Lübeck for gas analyzers. Sales activities in many countries indicate UNION Instruments' extensive and ever increasing presence on the markets. The related services are assumed by authorized distributors - by now all over the world.

Modular and flexible Our instrument engineering is built strictly modular and with special suitability for user-specific demands. The key advantage i: If demands change because of improvement or increasing plant size the modular design allows extension or modification at any time.

We measure gases We are specialized in determining calorific value (calorimetry) and composition (analysis) of almost all gases in industries. We offer not only flexible configurable single devices, but also perfect complete solutions (systems) to our partners. The peculiarity of this solution is the integration of diverse measurement technologies in one user-specific complete system.

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