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    Mettler Toledo starts production at its third plant in Changzhou

    Mettler Toledo (Changzhou) Measurement Technology started production at its new US$34.42 million facility, the first phase of a new plant, on November 16, 2017. The firm is the third manufacturing subsidiary that Switzerland-based Mettler Toledo (Holdings) Group has established at Changzhou ... more

    Mettler Toledo opens new Competence Center in the Middle-East

    METTLER TOLEDO has launched its new Dubai Free Zone Competence Center. This new facility will offer advanced analytical support for all industries operating in the Middle East and North Africa. It will also provide hands-on equipment training for METTLER TOLEDO’s range of products, which ar ... more

    Bruker announces Rene Lenggenhager as BioSpin Group president

    Bruker announced the appointment of Dr. Rene Lenggenhager as President of the Bruker BioSpin Group, effective November 1st, 2015.  Rene has over 25 years of management experience in international high-tech companies and in the scientific instruments industry, where his responsibilities have ... more

  • Products

    STARe Software - The standard in thermal analysis

    Data integrity with authorized user access for compliance throughout the data lifecycle ✓ Traceability of all work processes and data according to FDA compliant guidelines ✓ Work efficiency and data security through location-independent working with server solutions ✓ more

    Power the Bench

    Efficient Workflows: Simplify your daily routines both in the lab and in the office ✓ One System: Having one common software for all instruments brings a variety of advantages ✓ Maximum Security: LabX fully supports the current requirements of regulatory bodies ✓ more

    Oven Autosampler for Karl Fischer Titrators

    One Click™ Water Analysis: One Click user interface for direct access to routine tasks ✓ Save Precious Time: Temperature Scan determines the optimum heating temperature of a sample ✓ Double Lab Efficiency: It is possible to connect two InMotion KFs at a time to the T7 or T9 more

  • Videos

    In Situ Image Analysis for Particle Systems in Real Time – Made Easy

    The probe-based imaging tool EasyViewer from METTLER TOLEDO captures high-resolution images of crystals, particles and droplets under the direct influence of changing process parameters. EasyViewer with iC Vision offers scientists a platform to collect images and information and to answer k ... more

    Simple, rugged and trustworthy density meters

    The digital EasyPlus density meters have been developed for fast and accurate measurements with automatic temperature control, small sample volumes and minimal operator dependency. Accurate and reliable results EasyPlus density meters guarantee high reliability and high precision, with an a ... more

    Simple, Rugged And Trustworthy Refractometers

    The digital EasyPlus refractometers have been developed for fast and accurate measurements with automatic temperature control, small sample volumes and minimal operator dependency.Accurate and reliable resultsEasyPlus refractometers guarantee high reliability and high precision, with an acc ... more

  • White papers

    UV/Vis Application in COVID-19 Vaccine Research

    A vaccine is a type of treatment aimed at stimulating the body’s immune system to fight against infectious pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The more

    Pesticide Residue Testing – Accurate Standard Preparation

    Advantages of automated liquid dosing with the LabX software compared to conventional manual preparation more

    How to Quickly Check Pipettes?

    Are you planning an important experiment, perhaps with rare or precious substances? Do you need to ensure that the pipette used measures correctly? more

  • Companies

    Mettler-Toledo GmbH

    Leading global manufacturer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. Analytical instruments and automated chemistry systems are mainly used in laboratory, quality control and r&d processes. Main industries are chemical, pharmaceutical, plast ... more

    Mettler-Toledo S.A.E.

    METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments and services for use in laboratories and manufacturing. We offer weighing, analytical and inspection solutions along our customers' value chain. We manufacture high-end products including industrial scales, laboratory ... more

    Mettler-Toledo (Schweiz) GmbH

    METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision instruments for professional use. In addition to a wide product array, we offer the most comprehensive range of services in our industry on a global level. With more than 10,000 employees, we generate annual sales of over USD 1 billion. Me ... more

  • Webinars

    How to Handle Your Laboratory Data Efficiently

    In laboratories, data is constantly produced throughout each and every analysis. In fact, many quality control processes are based solely on data. In this webinar, we examine why high-quality data and error-free data transfer is crucial in a laboratory. We also discuss manual data transcrip ... more

    Improved Productivity with Fully Automatic Dispensing of Multiple Powders

    This webinar presents the benefits of a solution for fully automated end-to-end solid sample preparation. Thanks to the cooperation of METTLER TOLEDO with Axel Semrau, a German-based company specializing in lab automation and integration of instruments, it was possible to develop a system t ... more

    Safe Weighing of Potent and Hazardous Substances

    Laboratory safety, especially when handling potent, toxic or hazardous substances, is of increasing importance. Companies have a legal requirement to minimize the exposure risk of their personnel by providing effective containment facilities and personal protective equipment. In this webina ... more

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