pH Toolbox for Life Sciences

Mettler-Toledo GmbH

Biological systems are so sensitive that even seemingly insignificant changes in their environment can significantly alter their behavior and impact your results, and consequently your research.

In every step of life science research, precise, accurate and reliable tests and measurements have to be performed. pH value and conductivity of sample and reagents, despite being simple parameters, are essential to achieve accurate, reproducible results.

Our Life Science pH Guide helps you to accurately control pH in your samples and reagents. The Life Science pH Guide gives a 360° view with in-depth descriptions of:

  • Right selection of meter, sensors and electrodes
  • Correct pH and conductivity measurement
  • Practical tips and hints

  • Dealing with small, TRIS- or protein-containing samples? Check out our free Application Notes providing useful tips on how to measure pH in such samples.

    Make your day-to-day calibration and measurements easy with the pH Tips & Tricks in Life Science poster. Get a copy for your lab now!

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