Stuart Rye, Dr. Dennis Löwenich

Rethinking Gas Analytics

Gas Applications for GPro500 Analyzers

The GPro 500 TDL analyzers are designed for ease of installation and low maintenance operation in a wide variety of process applications in the refining, petrochemical, and associated process industries. With a range of innovative process interface adaptions, they provide a truly flexible and cost-effective measurement solution. This Applications eBooklet is intended as a convenient reference to a selection of the most common GPro 500 applications. The versatility of the analyzers means they are suited to an extensive assortment of processes, so what is presented here is not an exhaustive list. As new applications are realized, these will be added to the eBooklet. Each page provides a brief overview of the application, a process diagram highlighting the installation location, and the rationale behind the measurement. Additional information, including typical gas stream parameters and tips on probe selection will assist in achieving the most suitable configuration to meet measurement requirements.

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