Moisture analysis in chemical industry

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How to measure total solids in chemicals

Moisture analysis plays a vital role in many areas of the chemical industry, including inspections at goods-in, quality control, and the development of new products. To guarantee the best quality and appearance of the products as well as high productivity, accurate and fast moisture analysis is important.

With halogen heating technology for fast, precise and reliable results

Total solids determination performed with a halogen moisture analyzer is a repeatable and simple alternative to the drying oven method for just about any chemical product. Like the drying oven method, the moisture analyzer method is based on the principle of loss on drying. It delivers results in few minutes compared to several hours, and significantly reduces the different process steps.

This moisture method collection for the chemical industry offers information on how to measure samples and get reliable results comparable to results from the drying oven method.

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Moisture analysis in chemical industry

How to measure total solids in chemicals

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