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Chemists Need Tools that Allow them to Better Profile Organo-Metallic Reactions

New Automated Sampling Technique for Improved Impurity Profiling of Oxygen Sensitive Organo-Metallic Reactions

Dr. Vit Lellek

EasySampler captures a reaction sample and quenches it in place at reaction conditions

Automated reaction sampling combined with automated synthesis workstation allowing chemists to enhance impurity and kinetics profiling

The liquid handling system dilutes the sample to a user-specified concentration and transfers it to a vial, ready for offline analysis such as HPLC or UPLC

Application Note: Buchwald-Hartwig Reaction Profiling Reproducibly Sample a High-Temperature Slurry. ________________________________________ Applying EasySampler at Janssen Pharmaceutica has eliminated tedious and error-prone manual sampling processes. Automated sampling reliably provides chemists with high quality representative samples for analysis. The accurate and complete reaction profiling data gained from this single experiment led to a productivity gain and cost savings.

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