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AS-210 Greenhouse Gas Autosampler by SRI Instruments

Awesome - Gas Autosampler for up to 360 Samples

High sample throughput and contamination-free results for reliable measurements

High sample throughput - tray with up to 360 sample vials ✓ Contamination-free due to flushing and evacuation of the sample system ✓ Reliable - almost maintenance-free thanks to the robust design ✓...

autosamplers Climate gas analytics gas analysis +6
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Professionelle Probenehmer - Probenahme zur Qualitätskontrolle by Bürkle

Professional Samplers - Sampling for Quality Control

For Sampling Liquids, Powders or Granulates

Representative and reproducible samples for reliable analysis results ✓ Wide range of accessories for various applications ✓ Samplers made of high-quality materials, also clean-room produced, sterilised ✓...

sample transport samplers sampling +2
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Alpha 1-2 LSCbasic by Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen

New intuitive control for our smallest powerful freeze dryer

Lab work made easy - the LSCbasic control makes your lyophilisation even more efficient!

Automatic process sequences ensure reproducible results ✓ Process data acquisition and optional data exchange over USB or LAN ✓ EntryPackage: Complete package with an attractive entry price and short delivery time ✓...

analysis analytics enzymes +7
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