8 Wastes of Lean Laboratory - Checklist

Audit your lab efficiency

8 wastes of Lean Laboratory identification checklist is a simple way to audit the efficiency of your laboratory.

This form provides a template with which to carry out an efficiency audit of a specific laboratory and implement a continuous improvement process (CIP).
It generates an overall score (maximum 32). Any score below 20 has significant potential for improvement.

Perform the 8 wastes of lean identification audit regularly to measure and track improvements.

This free checklist consists of a series of criteria with recommended target values to meet, organized into the 8 wastes of lean categories:

1. Defects
3. Waiting time
4. Non-engaged employees
5. Transport
6. Inventory
7. Motion
8. Extra processing

The 8 wastes identification checklist guides the user through the process of observing their current workflows and noting their observations, with several sub-categories for each of the 8 types of waste. A Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) process can be used to make continuous improvements as a result of each audit.

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