Better weighing performance in 6 easy steps

Get your results right the first time

Getting your weighing results right the first time is crucial, as it saves you time and money and eliminates the need for rework. Errors caused by inaccurate weighing results, or an error in recording the weighing result cause problems because they are often difficult or impossible to trace.

Very often it is small things that can improve the weighing performance of your balance. This checklist highlights the key considerations when choosing and working with laboratory top-load balances and explains how to:

  • Select the right balance;
  • Determine suitable position for installation and use;
  • Assure accuracy through calibration;
  • Ensure accurate results every day;
  • Improve process efficiency and save time, and
  • Keep your balance clean.
The checklist focuses on laboratory precision balances and describes simple rules that will help you to assess weighing accuracy and keep analytical results right.

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