Color Measurement with UV/VIS Spectrophotometry

Color measurement is an important parameter in the quality control of any manufactured goods. The determination of color was in the hands of specially trained experts for a long time. However, this has since been replaced by a technologically more advanced solution such as UV/VIS spectrophotometry. As a result, instead of being judged, the color of objects can now be measured. The spectrophotometers allow a more precise and quantitative approach to color quality control. Another important field of application of color measurements, is the determination of the level of impurities in a sample, e.g. in APHA or in yellowness index.

This Basics of Color Measurement guide gives an introduction to how color is perceived by humans and how it is measured with UV/VIS spectrophotometers. It also provides a detailed description on how to measure the desired color values with Mettler-Toledo UV/VIS spectrophotometers.

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