Karl Fischer Titration for Water Determination

Karl Fischer Titration – a Moisture Determination Method Specific for Water

In this brochure a specific focus is put on how to perform the Karl Fischer titration analysis the correct way. We would like to introduce this to you as part of Good Titration Practice™ (GTP) in Karl Fischer titration.

KF titration is an accurate method for determining the amount of water. This technique can also be used in moisture determination specifically for water content.
This brochure comprises detailed background information and recommendations about:

  • Chemistry and control of the Karl Fischer titration
  • Practical tips and hints on sample preparation and instrument operation
  • Measures to optimize accuracy and precision of the water determination
  • Selection of the optimal method for water determination of your specific sample
  • Trouble shooting recommendations if results do not coincide with the expectations

Facts, background information, dossiers
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