Guide on Efficient Weighing Workflows in Chemical Industry

The guide explores six common lab workflows in the chemical industry where weighing plays an integral role: Formulation, moisture analysis (loss on drying/ignition), particle size analysis/distribution, density determination, sample preparation for titration, and preparation of reference substances for HPLC or GC.

Efficient Weighing Workflows in the Chemical Industry

Good analytical results start with a good weighing process. The free weighing guide focuses on optimizing 6 common lab workflows in the chemical-industry where weighing plays an integral role:

  • Formulation
  • Moisture Content, Loss on Drying (LoD), Loss on Ignition (LoI)
  • Particle Size analysis and distribution
  • Density determination of solids and porous or viscous materials
  • Sample preparation for titration
  • Preparation of reference substances for HPLC or GC analysis

The guide provides practical tips to improve balance operation, streamline processes and enhance productivity - all while staying within tight budget limits and maintaining high quality standards.

Weighing is the first step in virtually any analysis. Therefore, optimizing the process - for example, weighing directly into tare containers - has a positive impact for subsequent steps. Likewise, errors or unmet standards that remain unaddressed at this stage can multiply down the line, causing rework, costly lost batches, or consumer liability.

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