Management of weighing data – From paper to digital

How to improve the accuracy and ease of data transfer and management

Analytical balances are at the heart of virtually all quantitative analysis in a lab. Accurate weighing and data integrity are essential in the preparation of analytical reference solutions, as well as in taking aliquots of samples for analysis and preparation of solutions, buffers, etc. Errors in this process can have profound impacts on data integrity and product quality.

In this reference paper, we will look at both manual transcription and three potential solutions for improving the accuracy and ease of data transfer and management, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each. As such, this paper may be particularly interesting for labs that are still largely reliant on handwritten results or which use manual processing, including keyboard entry, at any stage of data notation, storage or analysis.

Learn more about pros and cons of different levels of weighing data management, as well how to optimize the integration of your weighing data.

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  • data transfer
  • Digital Lab
  • Lab Automation
  • metadata
  • weighing data
  • weighing process
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