About ITK Dr. Kassen

Measure - Control - Move - Position: ITK stands for high-precision positioning systems and assemblies for one to three-dimensional movements. All mechatronic systems and their components are created in-house.

ITK develops and produces intelligent solutions for demanding positioning tasks down to the nanometre range. The product portfolio includes a wide range of positioning stages and actuators for linear and rotary movements or combinations of different axes. Central components such as linear motors, controllers and measuring systems are not purchased from ITK but manufactured in-house. Comprehensive adaptations and customised solutions for the customer are ITK's speciality. All electronics and software developments are created in the company's own research and development department. ITK understands the interplay of mechanics, electronics and software to ensure sub-micron accuracy and nanometre resolutions. ITK helps its customers to secure their decisive competitive advantages and, for example, to build chips more reliably, develop vaccines faster, make sensors more accurate and accelerate the energy transition.

Whether standard product or completely new development, whether OEM machine or integrated system, the goal is always to realise the optimal solution for the customer with the highest possible accuracy for each application.

Facts about ITK Dr. Kassen
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of ITK Dr. Kassen

Product portfolio

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