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About SRI Instruments

Originally founded as Schambeck SFD GmbH in 1991, SRI Instruments Europe GmbH was expanded in 2008, and has functioned as the European master distributor of SRI Instruments. SRI Instruments Europe GmbH offers a wide range of Gas Chromatographs. Our educational line is very affordable from TCD to FID with on-column injection and our proprietary USB software for data acquisition is included with all configurations at no additional cost.

SRI Instruments has a full line of detector options from FID,TCD,FPD,NPD,TID,HID,ECD, and DELCD many of which can also be configured as combination detectors for specific application requirements. We also have a wide range of injector options from On-Column to Split/Splitless, Gas Sampling, Static Headspace, Purge & Trap, along with Liquid Headspace and SPME Autosamplers.

Facts about SRI Instruments
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 10

Products from SRI Instruments

Product portfolio

capillary FID gas chromatographs
dry electrolytic conductivity detectors
electron capture detectors
flame ionization detectors
flame photometric detectors
gas purifiers
GC autosamplers
GC detectors
GC inlet liners
headspace injectors
helium ionization detectors
nitrogen phosphorus detectors
photo ionization detectors
purge & trap autosamplers
thermal conductivity detectors
thermionic ionization detectors

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