About Spiess-Urania Chemicals

Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH is a maker of copper chemicals and supplies different industries and agriculture with special products. We manufacture copper based active ingredients and intermediates as well as ready-to-use products. Our main products for industrial applications are Cuprous Oxide (dicoppermonoxide) for antifoulings, Copper Carbonate, basic and Copper Hydroxide for wood preservatives, for plating processes and many other technologies. In addition to our copper-based products, we develop and sell other special actives for wood preservative formulations. As agricultural products we manufacture Copper Hydroxide and Copper Oxychloride active ingredients and formulated products. Marketing and sales in agriculture is taken care of by our Crop Protection division. With our products we serve material protection, foster sustainability, and enhance food safety. In close cooperation with customers we develop our products in terms of minimizing environmental depositions and increasing efficacy as well as cost efficiency.

Facts about Spiess-Urania Chemicals
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Employees: 51-200
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of Spiess-Urania Chemicals

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