About WIGO Chemie

We have been one of the "Brands of the Century"​ since 2004 and have also received this award for 2019. We are very proud of this, because it confirms the success story of our company, which began in 1903 with the registration as a registered trademark and made Caramba a synonym for all multi-oils and the problem solver for the automotive world.

As a traditional company with around 340 employees at the three production and development sites in Duisburg, Bremen and Bad Kreuznach, we offer individual, customer-specific solutions in industrial manufacturing processes for automobile manufacturers, operators of car washes, logistics companies and industrial producers of metal, glass and plastic components.

Our goal is always the same and actually quite simple: we optimize the cleaning, the modification and the protection of material surfaces and thus increase the quality and functionality of the work processes and manufacturing processes on the customer side. We do not offer standardized products, but holistic, individual process solutions. As part of the Caramba Chemicals Group - which in turn belongs to the Berner Group - we benefit from the close ties with companies that have different core competencies but are oriented towards the same guiding values.

Facts about WIGO Chemie
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of WIGO Chemie

Product portfolio

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