Sunny Industrial System GmbH


Sunny Industrial System GmbH, a technology development and consulting company focusing on petro chemistry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, environment protection, and sewage technology.

With the technical competency and innovation of our engineers, we ensure the best industrial solution for our clients. Commitment, creativity and teamwork are three pillars of our success. Our professional service packet, years of experiences, and innovative know-how enable us to overcome technical difficulties and to meet expectation of our clients. All in all, your success is our passion.

Under the commission of our clients SINOPEC Group, we provide the following products in attractive prices: 1. Isoprene, 2. Sodium cyanid, 3. Gel for GFC (Polymethacrylate)4. Cis Polybutadien Rubber 5. 1,3-pentadiene, 6. Cyclopentadien.