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Van Beek, located in Drunen the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer in high-quality stainless steel screw conveyor for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry

The history of Van Beek is over 60 years old. During this time Van Beek has developed itself into one of the leading manufactorers and market leader in the Benelux. Over 50% of the turnover is sold abroad.. Because of the many customers abroad the quality and continuity of the developed products is of a very high standard.

Our team consists of 45 staff members and a select group of partners. Van Beek strives to achieve rapid quotations, short delivery times, high quality.

Test facility

Van Beek is the only screw conveyor supplier who has opened their testing centre to all of their customers. You can use the expanded facilities and you can conduct tests with various testing machines. Horizontal lifting, oblique vertical lifting, with a shaft, or without a shaft, heated, the possibilities are endless.

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