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In the late ‘70s, our company recognized that drawing process samples in open containers invited contamination and inaccuracy, and also posed serious health and environmental risks. Our response: the Dopak® sampling system, which quickly became the international standard for performance and quality in cost-effective closed loop and closed vent sampling systems for liquids, gases, liquefied gases and solids.

Today’s Dopak® samplers are highly refined, state-of-the-art systems. They enjoy broad acceptance in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Demand is also growing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields as we continue to develop new products for these applications.

We are innovators, but our innovation is firmly grounded in experience, beginning in 1926 with the instrument and equipment manufacturing of Dovianus. The spectacular growth of Dopak® samplers in the late 1970s spurred Dovianus to divest its other businesses so it could concentrate on customer-oriented development, manufacturing, marketing and support of Dopak® samplers. We are experts in sampling standards worldwide. In 1981 we established Dopak® Inc. in the United States to give our many North American customers local access to our sampling system expertise.

This information highlights the development, engineering, manufacturing and support skills that stand behind every Dopak® liquid sampler, gas sampler, liquefied gas sampler and solid sampler. When you discover what Dopak® is, we’re confident you’ll make Dopak® your preferred source for sampling systems.

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