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Our company, founded in 1978, stands out for its extremely high quality and its high performances, reinforced through an accurate research and selection of materials and suppliers, as well as a constant control on the engineering systems and a never stopping improvement of the production processes. Valpres is a leader company in the production of steel and cast iron ball valves, trunnion, cryogenic and control ball valves, in order to satisfy every customers' demand with state of the art solutions. The customer is the core of our business, from the production to the assistance level. Our goal is the complete customer satisfaction, therefore we commit ourselves to offer products that are technologically up-to-date and of higher quality. Our production departments rely on full automatic control units, but cannot put the human factor aside, as it is a necessary condition to obtain the expected precision and quality standards. Production and engineering work together with the commercial forces, by respecting the product development process and by keeping the customer satisfaction in mind. We are a growing business in our sector and our entire product range meets the international quality standards completely. Furthermore, we are one of the few Italian companies that managed to obtain not only certification ISO 9001, certifying the quality management system, but also certification ISO 14001, concerning the environmental management system, as well as certification OHSAS 18001, concerning the occupational health and safety management system, and ISO 50001 (energy management system). Furthermore we obtained the API 6D certification, proving Valpres capability, - both from the quality management system and production standpoint - to manufacture ball valves suitable to be installed in the Oil & Gas exploration and production plants, as well as the API 6A certification, proving the product compliance in the wellhead area.

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