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Socorex Isba SA, often referred as Socorex, is a Swiss manufacturer of high precision laboratory instruments used for reliably measuring, dosing, transferring, dispensing and injecting liquids in a large number of applications.

The extended Socorex product portfolio includes manual and electronic micro and macropipettes, single and multichannel pipettors, repeater pipettes, dispensers, manual and electronic pipette controllers and re-usable syringes. In addition, pipette tips, reservoirs, consumables, accessories and sterilizations pouches complete the offer.

The company is committed to manufacturing the most reliable products and to offering the best services. “A to Z” Quality Management in the production includes stringent component selection, quality check at every production stage and individual instrument performance control in the metrology laboratory, attested by an individual ISO 8655 certificate.

Selected amongst the best laboratory equipment suppliers, an international network of distributors carry a stock of Socorex products and provide technical support, repair and calibration services.

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