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About CTL Bielefeld, Chem. techn. Laboratorium

CTL® GmbH Bielefeld, a chemical technological laboratory, was established in 1995 – initially with 35 customers. The total number of customers has rapidly increased, in some years even by 200 %, and since april 2007 our client base consists of more than 1300 customers.

Originally, CTL® GmbH Bielefeld concentrated on technological testing purely for the textile industry, but due to substantial investments, particularly in instrumental analysis, we were able to position ourselves in the analytical chemistry sector. Our reputation grew rapidly with the publication of our own testing methods for AZO-dye-stuffs – Git 10/95 (901) – this prior to the release of the legal regulations and methods.

Since the end of 1998 we have been conducting tests for the automotive trade and this has steadily increased in volume. We are able to offer a wide range of tests in this specialised field. Because of our extensive experience we can apply this knowledge efficiently to decrease our turn around time. Adhering to tight and demanding deadlines is therefore no problem for our highly motivated team to cope with. In 2004 we transformed the automobile laboratory to an independent unit within CTL® GmbH and moved this section to new premises in Gütersloh.

Meanwhile, we do not only concentrate on testings for the textile and automotive industry, but also for the furniture, chemical and dye-stuffs industry.

Facts about CTL Bielefeld, Chem. techn. Laboratorium
  • Focus : Laboratory
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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