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About Jaudt Dosiertechnik Maschinenfabrik

JAUDT Dosiertechnik Maschinenfabrik GmbH was founded in 1951.

Since then the company’s product range has more than doubled. Today JAUDT supplies rotary feeders, slides, butterfly valves, control gates, silo segment seals und double shuttle valves for the bulk goods industry throughout the world. This extensive range of products, coupled with the quality and reliability the company provides, has seen a continuously rising number of customers placing orders for a very wide range of equipment for major projects. They appreciate the fact that Jaudt always delivers on time, a feature which is absolutely essential for project business. JAUDT’s turnover has increased steadily since 2000 to its current level of 11 million euros.

The homepage at Jaudt customers use the extensive expertise available at the company relating to the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for equipment and safety systems and this has made us the European market leader in this area today.

The service lives of bulk goods equipment which handle wearing bulk goods types are a major cost factor. With this in mind we can offer our customers a wear package tailored to the Mohs hardness of the bulk goods they wish to handle – and this has been a massive success.

JAUDT SPEED PRODUCTS is a new business unit at the company. Customers can benefit from the detailed configuration of their orders which can be selected from a wide range of versions and are available for delivery within 3 days.www.jaudt.de provides all customers with 24-hour access to our extensive documentation. Customers with an access code can download dimension sheets, documentation and certificates or simply check daily updated information relating to the status of their orders.

Facts about Jaudt Dosiertechnik Maschinenfabrik
  • Founding: 1951
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of Jaudt Dosiertechnik Maschinenfabrik

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