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ParticleScout by WITec

Find particles automatically, classify them precisely and identify them easily with Raman microscopy

Accelerated and extremely precise analysis of microplastics, pharmaceutics and foods or beverages

particle analysis software
SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software

SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software by Merck

SYNTHIA Retrosynthesis Software

Efficiency enhancement in chemical research through innovative retrosynthesis

laboratory software

ETN-12 EME by dichrom

World launch at analytica: Revolutionary sample prep with the world's first EME device

EME offers a unique, efficient and green way to extract target analytes from complex matrices

extraction systems

S2 PICOFOX by Bruker Nano

Fast trace element analysis with TXRF

Quantitative and semiquantitative element analysis of liquids, suspensions, solids and contamination

total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectrometers

S4 T-STAR by Bruker Nano

TXRF spectrometer: Sub-ppb detection limits & 24/7 analytics

Minimal operating costs because no gases, media or lab equipment are required

total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectrometers
alpha300 R

alpha300 R by WITec

3D Raman microscopes with unequalled speed, sensitivity and resolution

Visualize and characterize every chemical detail

Raman microscopes

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