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  • Deep decarbonization of industry is possible with innovations

    On behalf of the EU Commission, Fraunhofer ISI explored what contribution individual technologies can make to decarbonizing industry and how to support them. The study shows that it is possible to cut emissions by 95% by 2050. However, this requires innovative carbon-neutral technologies and compreh more

  • Capturing carbon directly from the air – that has a future

    Using special filters to remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air could be the best way to generate so-called negative emissions, at the scale of many billions of tons of CO2 per year throughout the world by 2050. “Direct Air Capture” has many characteristics that can mak more

  • A data visualization of carbon footprints

    A Columbia researcher affiliated with the Data Science Institute has created a data-visualization tool that shows the carbon footprints of hundreds of consumer products. The tool makes it easy for everyone to explore the products' carbon-emission levels and the various strategies that companies are more

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  • CO2 Gas Calibration with eVol®, the digital analytical syringe

    Using eVol® for injection of different volumes of CO2, CEP/TEP was able to achieve calibration of their instrument with levels of accuracy and precision not previously obtained using manual syringes. In addition, the needles on the eVol® syringes all more

  • 35 years' experience in "black gold"

    There is a paradoxical consequence of the financial crisis: To produce bitumen is more attractive than ever. In the last six months prices for crude oil and, in particular, the consumption of heavy, sulfur-containing marine Diesel fuel (bunker oils) more

  • Don‘t Get Burned in Combustion

    Tunable Diode Lasers (TDLs) are quickly overtaking other measurement technologies as being the best solution for O2 and specific CO analysis in more

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Combustion Control - Pros and Cons of Analyzers

The webinar presenter takes you through the pros and cons of different extractive and in situ oxygen and carbon monoxide measurement technologies, including TDL sensors. Minimizing fuel consumption, maximizing safety, and compliance with ever more stringent emissions regulations are all achievable w

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  • European Petrochemicals Industry - Carbon Credit Auctioning to Decrease the Profitability

    Introduction The proposed draft amendment of the phase-3 European Union (EU) Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) has called for radical changes in the method of carbon credits distribution in the region. The draft amendment which was submitted by the European Commission in March 2011 has suggested the in more

  • Germany Petrochemicals Report Q2 2011

    The German petrochemicals industry is at or near pre-crisis norms of output, but growth will moderate over the medium term as a result of a slowdown in industrial markets, although producers will be pressing ahead with diversification and specialisation to increase the industry’s value, according to more

  • The Global Carbon Trading Market: Concepts, Regulations and Industry Trends to 2020

    Introduction GBI Research’s report, “The Global Carbon Trading Market - Concepts, Regulations and Industry Trends to 2020” provides an in-depth analysis on the global carbon trading market. The report provides the latest information on the value, volume and price of the emissions traded in primary more

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Acoustic Emission

Acoustic Emission Acoustic Emission (AE) is a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby external stimuli such as mechanical loading generate sources of elastic wave s. AE occurs when a small surface displacement of a material is produced. This occu ... more


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