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ATC code A10

A division of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System

A Alimentary tract and metabolism


A10A Insulins and analogues

A10AB Insulins and analogues, fast-acting

A10AB01 Insulin (human)
A10AB02 Insulin (beef)
A10AB03 Insulin (pork)
A10AB04 Insulin lispro
A10AB05 Insulin aspart
A10AB06 Insulin glulisine
A10AB30 Combinations

A10AC Insulins and analogues, intermediate-acting

A10AC01 Insulin (human)
A10AC02 Insulin (beef)
A10AC03 Insulin (pork)
A10AC04 Insulin lispro
A10AC30 Combinations

A10AD Insulins and analogues, intermediate-acting combined with fast-acting

A10AD01 Insulin (human)
A10AD02 Insulin (beef)
A10AD03 Insulin (pork)
A10AD04 Insulin lispro
A10AD05 Insulin aspart
A10AD30 Combinations

A10AE Insulins and analogues, long-acting

A10AE01 Insulin (human)
A10AE02 Insulin (beef)
A10AE03 Insulin (pork)
A10AE04 Insulin glargine
A10AE05 Insulin detemir
A10AE30 Combinations

A10B Oral blood glucose lowering drugs

A10BA Biguanides

A10BA01 Phenformin
A10BA02 Metformin
A10BA03 Buformin

A10BB Sulfonamides, urea derivatives

A10BB01 Glibenclamide
A10BB02 Chlorpropamide
A10BB03 Tolbutamide
A10BB04 Glibornuride
A10BB05 Tolazamide
A10BB06 Carbutamide
A10BB07 Glipizide
A10BB08 Gliquidone
A10BB09 Gliclazide
A10BB10 Metahexamide
A10BB11 Glisoxepide
A10BB12 Glimepiride
A10BB31 Acetohexamide

A10BC Sulfonamides (heterocyclic)

A10BC01 Glymidine

A10BD Combinations of oral blood glucose lowering drugs

A10BD01 Phenformin and sulfonamides
A10BD02 Metformin and sulfonamides
A10BD03 Metformin and rosiglitazone

A10BF Alpha glucosidase inhibitors

A10BF01 Acarbose
A10BF02 Miglitol
A10BF03 Voglibose

A10BG Thiazolidinediones

A10BG01 Troglitazone
A10BG02 Rosiglitazone
A10BG03 Pioglitazone

A10BH Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitors[1]

A10BH01 Sitagliptin
A10BH02 Vildagliptin

A10BX Other blood glucose lowering drugs, excluding insulins

A10BX01 Guar gum
A10BX02 Repaglinide
A10BX03 Nateglinide
A10BX04 Exenatide

A10X Other drugs used in diabetes

A10XA Aldose reductase inhibitors

A10XA01 Tolrestat


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