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ATC code C04

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

C Cardiovascular system


C04A Peripheral vasodilators

C04AA 2-amino-1-phenylethanol derivatives

C04AA01 Isoxsuprine
C04AA02 Buphenine
C04AA31 Bamethan

C04AB Imidazoline derivatives

C04AB01 Phentolamine
C04AB02 Tolazoline

C04AC Niacin and derivatives

C04AC01 Niacin (nicotinic acid)
C04AC02 Nicotinyl alcohol (pyridylcarbinol)
C04AC03 Inositol nicotinate
C04AC07 Ciclonicate

C04AD Purine derivatives

C04AD01 Pentifylline
C04AD02 Xantinol nicotinate
C04AD03 Pentoxifylline
C04AD04 Etofylline nicotinate

C04AE Ergot alkaloids

C04AE01 Ergoloid mesylates
C04AE02 Nicergoline
C04AE04 Dihydroergocristine
C04AE51 Ergoloid mesylates, combinations
C04AE54 Dihydroergocristine, combinations

C04AF Enzymes

C04AF01 Kallidinogenase

C04AX Other peripheral vasodilators

C04AX01 Cyclandelate
C04AX02 Phenoxybenzamine
C04AX07 Vincamine
C04AX10 Moxisylyte
C04AX11 Bencyclane
C04AX17 Vinburnine
C04AX19 Sulcotidil
C04AX20 Buflomedil
C04AX21 Naftidrofuryl
C04AX23 Butalamine
C04AX24 Visnadine
C04AX26 Cetiedil
C04AX27 Cinepazide
C04AX28 Ifenprodil
C04AX30 Azapetine
C04AX32 Fasudil
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