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ATC code N07

ATC code N07 is a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System. It refers to nervous system drugs other than anesthetics, analgesics, antiepileptics, anti-parkinson drugs, psycholeptics and psychoanaleptics (which are included in other parts of ATC code N).


N07A Parasympathomimetics

N07AA Anticholinesterases

N07AA01 Neostigmine
N07AA02 Pyridostigmine
N07AA03 Distigmine
N07AA30 Ambenonium
N07AA51 Neostigmine, combinations

N07AB Choline esters

N07AB01 Carbachol
N07AB02 Bethanechol

N07AX Other parasympathomimetics

N07AX01 Pilocarpine
N07AX02 Choline alfoscerate

N07B Drugs used in addictive disorders

N07BA Drugs used in nicotine dependence

N07BA01 Nicotine
N07BA02 Bupropion
N07BA03 Varenicline

N07BB Drugs used in alcohol dependence

N07BB01 Disulfiram
N07BB02 Calcium carbimide
N07BB03 Acamprosate
N07BB04 Naltrexone

N07BC Drugs used in opioid dependence

N07BC01 Buprenorphine
N07BC02 Methadone
N07BC03 Levacetylmethadol
N07BC04 Lofexidine
N07BC51 Buprenorphine, combinations

N07C Antivertigo preparations

N07CA Antivertigo preparations

N07CA01 Betahistine
N07CA02 Cinnarizine
N07CA03 Flunarizine
N07CA04 Acetylleucine
N07CA52 Cinnarizine, combinations

N07X Other nervous system drugs

N07XA Gangliosides and ganglioside derivatives

N07XX Other nervous system drugs

N07XX01 Tirilazad
N07XX02 Riluzole
N07XX03 Xaliproden
N07XX04 Hydroxybutyric acid
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