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ATC code V03

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

V Various


V03A All other therapeutic products

V03AB Antidotes

V03AB01 Ipecacuanha
V03AB02 Nalorphine
V03AB03 Edetates
V03AB04 Pralidoxime
V03AB05 Prednisolone and promethazine
V03AB06 Thiosulfate
V03AB08 Sodium nitrite
V03AB09 Dimercaprol
V03AB13 Obidoxime
V03AB14 Protamine
V03AB15 Naloxone
V03AB16 Ethanol
V03AB17 Methylthioninium chloride
V03AB18 Potassium permanganate
V03AB19 Physostigmine
V03AB20 Copper sulfate
V03AB21 Potassium iodide
V03AB22 Amyl nitrite
V03AB23 Acetylcysteine
V03AB24 Digitalis antitoxin
V03AB25 Flumazenil
V03AB26 Methionine
V03AB27 4-dimethylaminophenol
V03AB29 Cholinesterase
V03AB31 Prussian blue
V03AB32 Glutathione
V03AB33 Hydroxocobalamin
V03AB34 Fomepizole

V03AC Iron chelating agents

V03AC01 Deferoxamine
V03AC02 Deferiprone

V03AE Drugs for treatment of hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia

V03AE01 Polystyrene sulfonate
V03AE02 Sevelamer
V03AE03 Lanthanum carbonate

V03AF Detoxifying agents for antineoplastic treatment

V03AF01 Mesna
V03AF02 Dexrazoxane
V03AF03 Calcium folinate
V03AF04 Calcium levofolinate
V03AF05 Amifostine
V03AF06 Sodium folinate
V03AF07 Rasburicase
V03AF08 Palifermin

V03AG Drugs for treatment of hypercalcemia

V03AG01 Sodium cellulose phosphate

V03AH Drugs for treatment of hypoglycaemia

V03AH01 Diazoxide

V03AK Tissue adhesives

V03AM Drugs for embolisation

V03AN Medical gases

V03AN01 Oxygen
V03AN02 Carbon dioxide
V03AN03 Helium
V03AN04 Nitrogen

V03AX Other therapeutic products

V03AZ Nerve depressants

V03AZ01 Ethanol

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