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CategoryPhosphate minerals
Arsenate minerals
Vanadate minerals
Chemical formulaCuFe23+[(OH,O)(AsO4,PO4,SO4)]2·4H2O
Crystal systemmonoclinic
Mohs Scale hardness3-4
Dispersionr > v
Streaknot reported

Arthurite is a mineral with the chemical formula CuFe23+[(OH,O)|(AsO4,PO4,SO4)]2·4H2O[1]

In the monoclinic crystal system, it is apple-green in colour, with a Mohs hardness of 3-4, and a vitreous lustre.[1]

Arthurite is named for the mineralogists Sir Arthur Russell and Arthur W. G. Kingsbury. [1]

The type locality is the Hingston Down Consols mine near Gunnislake in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom, where it was discovered in 1964.[1][2]


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